happy sabbath in different languages

How Do You Say Happy Sabbath in Different Languages?

Learn how to say Happy Sabbath in different languages across the world. The Sabbath was made for everyone, according to Mark 2:27.

It would be brilliant to know how to say it in various languages apart from English, such as Hebrew, Japanese, Hungarian, Polish, and others.

If you travel to a foreign country, why not learn to say Happy Sabbath in their language? Bring the local Sabbath-keeping people a smile to their faces when you greet them in their language on the Sabbath day.

Happy Sabbath in Different Languages

Discover below how to say Happy Sabbath in other languages!

In Hebrew

“Shabbat Shalom”.

In Spanish

“Feliz Sabado”.

In French

“Bon Sabbat”.

In Greek

“Kalo Savato” – (kah-LO SAH-vah-toe)

In Italian

“Felice Sabato”.

In Japanese

“ハッピー・サバス” – (Yo-ee ahn-so-ku-nee-chee-o)

In Korean

“행복한 안식일” – (haeng boghanan sig-il)

In Portuguese

“Feliz Sábado”.

In Swahili

“Sabato Njema”.

In Chinese

“安息日快乐” – Anxírì kuàilè (ahn-shee-rih kwy-lu)

In Latin

“Beatus Sabbatum”.

In Arabic

“سبت سعيد” – (sah-BAHT sah-EED)

In Russian

“счастливым шабатом” – (schastlivym Subbotu)

In Afrikaans

“Gelukkige Sabbat”

In Hungarian

“Boldog Szombatot”.

In Polish

“Wesołego Sabatu”

In Romanian

“Sabat Fericit” – (Sah-bhat Feh-rhee-chit)

In English

“Happy Sabbath”.

In Filipinos

“Masayang Sabbath”.

In Albanian

“Gezuar Sabatin”.

In Bulgarian

“Shtasliv Subota”.

In German

“Glucklich Sabbat”.

In Norwegian

“God Sabbat”.

In Hindi

” छुट्टी मुबारक ” – (chhu-ttee mubaarak)

In Thai

” สุขสันต์วันสะบาโต ” – (suk-san-wan-sa-ba-to)

In Indonesian

“Selamat Hari Sabat”.

In Ukrainian

“щаслива субота” – (Shchaslyvoyi Suboty)

In Swedish

“lycklig sabbat”.

In Tamil

“மகிழ்ச்சியான சப்பாத்” – (Ōyvunāḷ vāḻttukkaḷ)

In Telugu

” హ్యాపీ సబ్బాత్ ” – (SHU-bah vish-RON-tee DIN-a-mu)

In Zulu

“Isabatha Elijabulisayo”.

In Luganda

“Sabbiti Enungi”.

Final Words on How To Say Happy Sabbath in Different Languages

These were but a part of the vast languages in our world today. If you did not find yours, you could also use translation software to check how to say Happy Sabbath in your language!

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