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Pharisees Sabbath Rules

Pharisees Sabbath Rules

The Pharisees Sabbath rules are different from what we find in the Bible. God created the Sabbath to be a blessing for humanity. Unfortunately, the Jewish rulers expanded on this commandment, and added many man-made traditions to it, making it…

What are the Catholic Sabbath Rules?

catholic sabbath rules

When exploring the practices and beliefs surrounding the observance of the Sabbath in the Catholic Church, one question arises: what are the Catholic Sabbath rules? The Catholic Sabbath is called the “Lord’s Day”, they say it holds great significance as…

Sabbath Rules in Jesus Day

sabbath rules in jesus day

The Pharisees, known for their strict adherence to religious traditions, accused Jesus of breaking the Sabbath commandment. But were these accusations justified, or did they stem from a misunderstanding of the true purpose of the Sabbath? Join us as we…